Notes:  Menu descriptions are limited so as to leave some things left a surprise.

Substitutions for select guests of either protein or allergic ingredient can easily be made with notice.  Please advise the Chef.

All produce is locally sourced when available.  Proteins are responsibly chosen, Hormone/Antibiotic Free


Course 1 Choices


Market Crudo

Fresh chilies, puffed rice, citrus


Beet Salad

Cashew butter, chev, young sprouts, puffed grains


Brussel Caesar

Roasted red peppers, botarga, Amadala crouton



Course 2 Choices


Heirloom rice and beans

Crispy sweet breads, smoked bean puree, salsa verde


Blackened smokey carrots

Crispy pastrami, black garlic yogurt, pickled radish


Tomato Soup and grilled cheese

Crispy Haloumi, “Magic Tomato”, pumpernickel crouton


Plowshare Farm Lamb Pie

Root vegetables, nasturtium pudding, cider gastrique



Course 3 Choices


Smoked corn veloute

Shrimp fritter, saffron crème fraiche, corn and mushroom fricassee


Pumpkin ravioli

Tomato jam, carrot top puree, chanterelle mushrooms


Chitarra Negro

Bay scallops, smoked egg yolk, iberico jamon


Yakatori grilled Octopus

Grilled shishito, tempura fried parsnip, ginger pickled raison





Course 4 Choices



Dry Aged Rib Eye

Charred brassicas, sweet potato latka, smoked onion soubise, huckleberry bordelaise


New Jersey Rock Fish or Tile Fish

Fried green tomato, red onion and quince jam, chickpea and chorizo pilaf


Stuffed Peppers

…Its just vegetable magic in your mouth.  Trust us


Seared Diver Scallop

Foie emulsion, pickled sea bean, smokey charred carrots, lentils


Venison Loin

Charred brussels, braised apple, hazelnut crumb, chestnut butter, gouger


Guinea Hen

Black & Tan rice pilaf, carrot emulsion, Maitake, hen jus




Course 5 Choices



Marshmallow Campfire

Berry fluff, smoked chocolate ganache, graham cookie crisp


Apple & Oats

Oat crust, brown butter ice cream, cider caramel, puffed grains


Buttercup Squash cheese cake

Caramelized white chocolate, 72% cacao dirt


Cherry and white chocolate bread pudding

Brandy sauce, Sassafras ice cream, frozen coconut chips