So you're looking for an activity that will help your coworkers or employees bond and continue learning to work as a team.... You want something more fun than trust falls. More widely appealing than paintball. Safer than trying to build a human pyramid. Something fun that you can do in any season.

We've got you covered with our very own, 100% originally adapted from television,

 Quick Chef Challenge!


We'll sort your group at random into a set of teams. Each team will choose a mystery basket filled with seasonal, locally sourced ingredients — enough to prepare a two-course meal (or more, if you're so inclined) for each team member — and a selection of original, inspired recipes of varying difficulty that utilize those ingredients.


It's a race against time, so each team will have to make tough choices. Which dish do you prepare first? Do you take the risk of trying to make the most complicated dish to win the love of the judging panel? Do you play it safe and go with quick ones that you know you'll deliver in time? Well, that's up to you.


Our chefs will be in the kitchen to help you out if you run into problems, but your time with them is scarce — you'll have to use it efficiently! And they'll be waiting at the end of the road to taste the delicious and nutritious meals that you've cooked up and pick a winner! 


Ask about our prize packages, including custom AG aprons, high-grade chef knives, and gift certificates toward private chef services or cooking classes!